5 Effective Natural Thyroid Treatments

Once in a while, some people will be seeking safe and effective natural thyroid treatment. This will come about after the body starts producing insufficient thyroxin. The hormone is produced by the thyroid glands. The organs are situated slightly below the larynx or voice box. Low levels will make a person fell tired all the time or inactive. It may also lead to obesity, poor concentration, or even slow down metabolism. The following are 5 natural ways of treating the condition:

1. Healthy Nutrition

The production of thyroid is stimulated by certain foods. Some diets will also hinder the production of the hormone. It is therefore important to change your diet in order to boast the production. Foods rich in vitamin A help in improving production. These include; eggs, carrots, tomatoes and more. Iodine which is found is seafood, kelp, salt also helps in stimulating the gland. Zinc which is acquired from foods such as tuna, beef, nuts, chicken spinach and beef also helps.

2. Regular Exercises

At times, the thyroxin may not be reaching the necessary regions in the body. Engaging in regular exercises is a natural thyroid treatment which improves metabolism. This helps in transporting the hormone. There are also specific exercises that target the thyroid region. These exercises stimulate the nerves surrounding the gland consequently improving production. Protein plays an important role in transporting nutrients in the body. Therefore, more protein should be included in a diet.

3. Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies have been used to treat hypothyroidism for many centuries. The herbs and plants contain essential nutrients which stimulate the glands. The herbs may be eaten as part of a salad, or drank as tea. Tea made from kelp, Irish moss, and turmeric helps in improving metabolism. Black walnuts contain iodine which plays an important role in boasting the production of thyroxin.

4. Avoid Gluten and Casein

Another proven and effective natural thyroid treatment is staying away from foods rich in Casein and Gluten. Casein in mainly found in dairy products such as milk, cheese, yogurt and more. Gluten is found in wheat products for example, bread, cakes, buns and more. The nutrients may affect the gut as well as the thyroid gland. This may lead to inflammation which may interfere with the production of thyroxin.

5. Heavy Metal Detoxification

Exposure to heavy metals and radiation is one of the leading causes of low production of thyroxin. The metals and toxins will harm the cells that produce the hormone. Such a situation is best dealt with by Detoxification. The exercise helps in getting rid of the metals and toxic substances in the body including the thyroid gland. Consuming food such as Turmeric, Chlorella, and Milk Thistle helps in the Detox.

There are several causes of low levels of thyroxin. These include; injury to the thyroid gland, medical condition such as hypothyroidism, poor nutrition, hormonal imbalance, exposure to radiation, and food intolerance. After experiencing the symptoms, an individual should seek further diagnosis just to confirm the condition. The methods stated above have proven to be quite effective. In addition, using natural thyroid treatment is quite safe and minimises any risk of side effects.

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