At Home Natural Remedies For Hypothyroidism

Thyroid is the largest gland in your body which releases hormones influencing virtually all body functions including metabolism, brain function, reproduction and digestion. Hypothyroidism is a disorder that occurs when thyroid glands do not produce sufficient Thyroxine and Triiyodothyroine hormones. There are numerous natural remedies for hypothyroidism if your thyroid still produces some hormones but where hormone production stopped, the only remedy available is taking thyroid hormones supplements. The following are the notable at home remedy for hypothyroidism;

Natural Hormone Replacement

It is commonly known as desiccated thyroid which is basically powdered, processed and dehydrated pig, sheep or beef thyroid gland. Since it is made from actual thyroid material, it has sufficient amount of the hormone. Many people who have tried natural thyroid replacement of the hormone have reported successful results because hypothyroid symptoms disappear immediately. The hardest thing is to find a physician to prescribe a natural hormone instead of a synthetic hormone replacement.

Synthetic Hormone Replacement

Modern pharmaceuticals and medicine companies have discovered numerous drugs containing synthetic versions of the hormones. The drug most physicians will prescribe for hypothyroidism treatment is called levothyroxine. Some versions contain only one hormone while some contains both hormones. It is advisable to check before buying synthetic hormone replacements to ensure that you purchase the one that meets your needs.

Foods for Hypothyroidism

Foods that are rich in amino acids are excellent natural remedies for hypothyroidism because it combines with iodine in the thyroid to produce enough of the hormones. Such foods include bananas, almonds, avocado, low-fat milk, lima beans and yoghurt. Also selenium rich foods such as broccoli, onion, garlic, Brazil nuts and brewer’s yeast are beneficial to boost the functioning of a thyroid. There is however certain foods you should avoid eating because they inhibit a production of the hormone by your thyroid glands. Soy and soy products, for instance, have been linked to hypothyroidism disease so it is advisable to avoid them. Since many processed foods have soy, ensure you check labels before you take such foods. Other foods that you should avoid specially if your hypothyroidism has not been treated and there are strong symptoms include cauliflower, raw broccoli as well as vegetables such as turnips and rutabagas.

Minerals and vitamins

Vitamin B supplements are beneficial in balancing the functioning of a thyroid. Calcium and vitamin C are also perfect natural remedies for hypothyroidism. Other minerals that are useful in curing hypothyroidism include iron, magnesium and iodine. Iodine is a very important mineral because if your body is not getting enough of it, your thyroid won’t do its job properly. It is necessary to take iodine supplements regularly by buying kelp supplements from health food stores and local pharmacies. Kelp is the best source of iodine available in the market and it is worth knowing the right amount of kelp for you because some people require one capsule only per week while others require more. You will probably know it is working if you have less joint pains and feel less tired. With these natural remedies for hypothyroidism in mind, you are sure of eliminating symptoms of hypothyroidism as well as accomplishing your health and fitness goals!

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