Diabetes Symptoms In Women – Cautioning Signs!

Diabetes is one of the biggest predators in the world today, the reason being that people suffer from this ailment without being aware that something is wrong with their body. This is one of the main reasons why diabetes remains uncontrolled and both men and women suffer from it, however, due to different body types, the severity of the disease may vary. It is very important to know about diabetes symptoms in women as it may help rescue them from different diabetic complications such as vision loss or limb loss. Diabetes can be three types- diabetes type 1, diabetes type 2 and gestational diabetes- which can be caused in pregnant women and cures after the birth of the baby.

One of the most common diabetes symptoms in women is recurrent yeast infections, the primary reason behind this is that the sugars get into the urine due to being excess in the bloodstream which leads to yeast infections. Vaginal dryness that may cause itch around the vaginal area is another common symptom seen in women. These symptoms may cause embarrassment and may impact the personal life, confidence and comfort in women. Obesity, Getting inadequate sleep, poor eating habits, stress and no exercise can also be one of the reasons for causing diabetes.Some severe diabetes symptoms in women are loss of sensation in hands and feet due to blurry vision and poor circulation of blood. It can also cause swelling of blood vessels and excessive sugars in the blood stream. This is the major cause for poor circulation of blood as there is no room for effective circulation. If poor blood circulation continues,over a period of time, it stops the blood supply to the limbs which causes them to become anesthetized and finally lose the blood in the end, this is when amputation becomes a necessity.

The diabetes symptoms in women can vary from being unpleasant to life threatening and one of the most troublesome is endless visits to the bathrooms. Women suffering from diabetes also tend to feel thirsty and keep consuming any liquids that they can lay their hands on and even then they are not fully satisfied. The condition may worsen if a woman chooses to consume sodas and juices over plain water or sugar-free drinks. The consumption of regular drinks may increase the blood sugar levels, which results in making them even more thirsty. Due to excessive drinking, bathrooms turn out to be their best friends as they help get rid of all the toxins and sugars in the body to remove any excess sugar in the bloodstream. Feeling tired, sudden weight loss, slow healing process and fatigue are other warning symptoms of diabetes in women. It is advised that immediate medical help is taken if any of the above-mentioned diabetes symptoms in women are faced. One must never be afraid of the diagnosis as an early detection may help treat the disease; if not treat it, control it at least. Any woman suffering from diabetes may suffer from one or all symptoms, so always try to listen to your body and seek medical help immediately.

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