Do It Yourself Dry Scalp Remedies

Dry scalp remedies: Summer is nearing. Everyone must be thinking of there for their summer escapades. It would be bad to postpone these plans just because you have a physical condition. That is why we should take good care of our body in order to prevent these things. Due to the heat of the sun, there are different and many kinds of ailments when exposed to the sun — whether it is short term or long term.

First, the most famous probably is sunburn. You can get sunburn when exposed to the heat of the sun. There is only a certain allowance for the skin to handle sun exposure, this depends on the accumulated time exposure and the intensity of the ultraviolet rays. To go to the beach means applying lotion to your skin with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of most preferably 50. This has enough sun protection for about 2 hours of intense sun exposure. If you plan to go back then I suggest you reapply lotion in order to have more protection because the sun protection effect of the lotion wears. Condition such as dehydration also should not be ignored. They are also a primary contributor of heat strokes in a summer time. They are also conditions where you get these without even stepping out your door. They happen even without sun exposure maybe because relatively high temperature and high humidity in the air. Examples of these are dry scalp. What are dry scalp and how can you counter them with dry scalp remedies?

Having a dry scalp originated from a variety of causes. The scalp has a normal pH of 5 in the scale with a well-functioning sweat and oil glands. Any imbalances with this normality will cause your scalp to be irritated and itch. In addition, if your scalp is dry, it encourages the housing of bad bacteria and yeast infection which causes the itchiness to go beyond borders. How do you treat these sores with dry scalp remedies?

There are several ways of dry scalp remedies. Mostly dry scalp results from a pH imbalance in your scalp.  Your dry scalp may also result from irritation from your shampoos. You could try to change your shampoos and hair conditioners as this may be the reason for your dry scalp.

Shampoos of today contain high level of chemical content which may be the reason for your irritated scalp. You could try to look at shampoo labels and try to choose shampoo products with natural compounds. A chemical nature of a compound on a shampoo may have reacted with your scalp which not be present on natural shampoos. Another dry scalp remedies are applying moisturizer directly to your scalp. Moisturizer, as it is, moisturizes your dry scalp to prevent itchiness and promote healthy hair. This also gives the possibility of the restoration of your pH scalp balance if used on a daily basis.

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