Home Remedies For Dry Scalp

Among the problems with hair and scalp, dryness is probably one that facets a lot of problems. With a dryness comes flaking and itchiness which is a lot bothersome. There is a great deal over treating dryness while it is still early. Here are some of the home remedies for dry scalp that you can try to ease the symptoms and to completely get rid of dryness.

Baking Soda Paste

Baking soda is one of the kitchen essentials that go effective too in treatment of mild body complaints. This can be used to treat dryness especially if it is caused by the infestation of fungi. Baking soda kills fungi that may come rooted on the scalp.

You can prepare such by adding a tablespoon of baking soda with a teaspoon of water. Mix such to produce a paste that is not too liquefied that it will just glide through the scalp and not too dry that it will not come to be spread out evenly over the scalp. Leave it at ease for minutes before rinsing it thoroughly.

Citrus Fruit Juice

Citrus fruit on the other hand is another one of the home remedies for dry scalp that help to clear the scalp from bacteria and fungi too. It also has antioxidant properties that brace fungi from being spread and worsening the deal.

Preparing such is easy. You just need to extract its juice, take out the seeds and have it mixed with your usual shampoo. You can mix a tablespoon of citrus fruit juice with the shampoo every time you will have hair washed. The juice can be directly applied to a scalp too.

Here is another bonus. The peelings of the fruits can still be used to keep hair shiny. You just have to apply the peels on hair after drying hair in order to preserve the shiny glow.

Coconut Oil

This is a common extract that is used to maintain a moisturized scalp. Oil locks the moisture on strands thus keeping scalp hydrated too.

You can prepare such by putting the fruit in simmering water. Keep the husks out though and just add that white thing from the fruit. By just simmering the fruit, you can just take out the oil without burning it. After 10 minutes, you can already see the oil surfacing out of the water. Take this oil out and have it set aside. After it has already been cooled down, it can be applied directly on hair. This is the idea behind hot oil as most of these treatments make use of coconut oil.


These are the things that will help put up home remedies for dry scalp. The good thing is that these are available readily in your kitchen and you can just whip up a remedy the moment you like. These things do not also ask you of certain cost, but its effects can be equaled to that brought by expensive treatments. So if you are looking for home remedies for dry scalp, consider the aforementioned deals. this can be the answer to your long quest to get the best hair product to correct dryness of a scalp.

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