Honest Wartrol Wart Remover Review

What Is Wartrol? — The Wartrol wart remover is described a proprietary compound which is sold over the counter through an online site which says it’s the most successful wart removal system compound of the last 3 decades.

There are various products on the market, a number of them quite amazing and successful in wart treatment like Wartrol. Several of these products have numerous ingredients which are applied differently. Most of the products, besides warts freezing products which might cause acute and painful side effects, are all based on homeopathic formula, with the major ingredient being salicylic acid. Extracted from plant hormone, the acid is the active ingredient in several products, with a concentration of 17 percent. It’s among the highest found in Wartrol wart remover and this is the most likely reason for the effectiveness of this product.

Wartrol Review

Wartrol’s Ingredients and the Reasons for Their Success

The compound uses salicylic acid which is concentrated to 17 percent within this medicine. This is very similar to the concentration amount of the acid found in other over-the-counter medicine, which is impressive. The rest of this product’s ingredients that set it apart are inactive compounds that play crucial roles in the success of the medicine. They are:

Ethyl alcohol: A medium through which all components making up Wartrol wart remover are mixed in.

Flexible collodion: This is a syrupy compound helping form a tough film over a surface upon drying.

Menthol: An alcohol made from different mint oils, helping relieve itching.

Polysorbate-80: This compound acts as emulsifier, allowing the different ingredients to be spread evenly throughout the medicine.

Ascorbic acid: Known also as vitamin C, the compound helps the wounds with healing.

Hydroxypropylcellulose: A water-soluble ingredient generically used in pharmaceutical aids

How to Use the Product

Usage and application of Wartrol wart remover are quite simple. First, you clean surface area around the warts, and then soaked in warm water for five minutes. Wartrol is then applied specifically to the warts with an applicator brush. The final step simply is letting this medicine dry. It’s recommended by the manufacturer that you apply it two times a day.

The instructions indicate that it may take up to 12 weeks for this medicine to treat the warts fully. This is also similar to other over-the-counter medications.

Positives of the Product

  • Least aggressive wart treatment method
  • Much cheaper when compared to surgery or similar treatments
  • Can be applied conveniently at home
  • No embarrassment when warts grow in some regions of the body
  • Not painful when compared to freezing or surgery among others
  • Non-greasy liquid, easy to apply and dries quickly
  • Doesn’t smell bad when compared to other solutions


  • It’s not a permanent treatment and needs to be taken long term to work
  • Will be less effective when you have weak immune system
  • Quite a few people reported burning sensation or slight itching when applied


Despite these very few drawbacks, with a number of them applying also to other specialist treatments or OTC solutions, Wartrol wart remover convinces with its quality and effective ingredients, fair pricing as well as easy application just at the comfort of your home.


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