How To Choose The Best Womens Dresses

Shopping for proper dresses for women can be either a thrilling experience or a daunting task. Unlike the past, today’s world of endless retail outlets and huge consumer choice provide you with a wide range of dresses to choose from. Therefore, one can spend countless hours searching for the right womens dresses without being convinced by any dress in particular.

Choosing the perfect womens dresses depending on the body shape

When shopping for a new dress, you should have body type in mind. Below are the list of body types and their respective dresses.

Full hips and thighs

Pear shaped women having full hips and thighs should consider dresses which are not more than two inches above the knee. Selecting a dress having an A-line skirt and a v-neck will give you a nice look.

Thick waist

Apple-shaped women with thick waist should elongate the appearance of their torso and draw attention away from the waist. Select a dress with a drop waist to redefine your waistline. Refrain from thick belts around your waist and instead choose a sash or chain belt slung low on your hips.

Heavy arms

Women with heavy arms should not choose sleeveless dresses but instead select bell sleeves that are full length to hide loose arms.

Small bust

Women with small breast should avoid dresses with deep plunging necklines. They should choose dresses having bandeau necks or other adornments add dimension.

Big bust

Women with big bust should consider dresses with V-necks or halter tops. These dresses are very fashionable for women who want to emphasize their big bust. Select fabrics that skim rather than bind your body.

To draw attention from your bust and balance your smaller lower body, select a dress with an A-line skirt that is not more than two inches above the knees.

Plus size

If you are plus size, try not to wear many layers of dresses as this will make you look larger. Select a wrap dress that drape than cling to your body.

Too thin

Knit dresses or sweaters are great options for thin women. Consider adding a fitted jacket or cardigan to your dress to give you some bulk. Women who are extremely thin should avoid mini-skirts and choose flowing dresses instead.

Moreover, thin women can add thick belts to give their waists more definition. In addition, bubble dresses are very fashionable and can give the impression of a larger lower body.

Choosing womens dresses depending on the color

The color is an important factor to consider when choosing womens dresses. You may find that some colors are more suitable while others are not. Try different dresses with a variety of colors, and you will soon find one which suits you better.

You will find colors such as black, which are very flexible and suits most but not all individuals. They are simple, slimming, and sexy. However, if you are not comfortable wearing black dresses, you can look for a different color.

Alternatively, you can choose a white dress that is considered to represent purity. That is why it is the most preferred wedding dress in the world.

However, there are no restrictions from choosing bolder colors that appeal to you. Therefore, you can wear any color without fear of breaking a fashion law.


In conclusion, the above tips for choosing best womens dresses will go a long way in helping you get select a proper dress that fits your style and budget.

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