Review GreenWorks 26032 12 Amp 20″ Corded Snow Thrower (Snow Blower)

Introduction: GreenWorks 26032 12 Amp 20″ Corded Snow Thrower (Snow Blower)

The GreenWorks Snow Thrower is a lightweight electrical powered and very easy to utilize snow clearing device for little to medium sized garden courses and also driveways. It is made to be a hassle-free very easy to utilize the alternative to bulky petroleum powered snow throwers. Powered by a 12 amp electric motor it has lots of power and has a 20-inch cleaning path. It could toss the snow and lift in a single stage, throwing the discharges as much as 25 meters in any instructions.

How does it work

The GreenWorks Snow Thrower is powered by a 12 amp electric motor driving an 18-inch impellor. The GreenWorks is a real snow thrower making use of a solitary phase action to toss the snow. The solitary phase makes use of the broadband impeller turning at 1800 rpm to pick up that is fed in by the front vane as well as toss the snow out the modifiable discharge slide. The snow can be thrown over 20 as well as the slide has an 180-degree turning array. The GreenWorks has a cleaning course of 20′ as well as could clear snow around a deepness of 10′ inches as that is the maximum consumption height. It’s effective motor has a snow clearing up the ability of 850lbs per min.

Easy to make use of

The GreenWorks Thrower is extremely easy to run as it is hand pressed. This is not a trouble as it is quite light-weight evaluating in at just 38 lbs. And also it does come with a three placement flexible handle. The rubber grasp deal with could be adapted to among three established elevations for specific inclination and also comfy, with the optimum height being 38 inches. Two back 6-inch wheels are suitable for simplicity of movement, and it has a very easy begin switch electrical motor.

Innovative Features

The directional discharge chute could be resolved via 180 and can throw the released snow around 25 feet away. When the device is relocating, this quickly rotated chute makes driving the snow throwing quite easy also. If you have to prevent dumping discharged snow over another path or cleared location, the chute could effortlessly be resolved, and the discharge redirected.

Safety And Durability

Its long-lasting design utilizes a rubber covered steel blade as well as for included security the thrower uses a built is safety cord lock.

Easy and also very maneuverable to utilize

The adjustable deal with as well as back wheels aid ability to move and the electrical motor makes it simple to start as well as operate.

Hardly any setting up needed

The GreenWorks comes virtually entirely set up just the take care of having to be matched.

Electric electric motor

Considerably less complicated and cleaner than keeping a little fuel engine

Vulnerable to tear and also put on

The front vane is made of plastic that breaks rapidly. The scrape or vane as it is practically referred to is the piece of plastic that physically scuffs up the snow from the ground up as well as feed it to the impeller. Being plastic, it is at risk to tear and also put on.


GreenWorks 26032 12 Amp 20″ Corded Snow Thrower (Snow Blower): This is a light in weight electric snow thrower designed for the little to tool yard. It is quite easy to operate as well as intimidate and is great at clearing and also tossing the snow. Its construct though is extremely light being plastic so does endure at some point from weathering and loose screws as well as nuts.

Review GreenWorks 26032 12 Amp 20
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Once you make the decision to go for a snowblower that has a cord, instead of cordless then you will love this. I only say that because the cord does get in the way sometimes and can be frustrating BUT the savings with the cord cant be beat! I only need something to do my driveway and front sidewalk and this does that even in 4 feet snow. This thing is so much fun to use!


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