Review Philips Norelco S9311/87 9300 Shaver

The Philips Norelco S9311/87 9300 Shaver embodies Philips’s well-known expertise and precision in engineering technologically superior products.  The S9311/87 9300 Shaver is ergonomically designed for ease of handling and sports three adjustable shave heads perfect for tracing the individual lines and facial features of a person without causing cuts or irritation.  Used with the included Precision Trimmer and the S9311/87 9300 Shaver is capable of handling the toughest stubble, mustaches or beards with either a wet or dry shave.  Philips Norelco has a long history in producing home grooming products of the highest quality with the individual user’s needs in mind.  Some of the premier features of this shaver include its V-Track Precision Blades, Contour Detect Technology, and its amazing SmartClean System.  The S9311/87 9300 has received praise and awards for the consistently high quality and comfortable shave provided.

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  • Pros:

    • V-Track Precision Blades
    • Contour Detect Technology
    • SmartClean System
    • Super Lift and Cut Action
    • Personal Comfort Settings: Gentle, Quick, Fast
    • Display: 5 Level Battery Indicator, Battery Low Indicator, Cleaning Indicator, Replace Shaving Heads Indicator, Travel Lock Indicator
    • AquaTec Wet and Dry
    • Fully Washable
    • SmartClick Precision Trimmer
    • Travel Pouch
    • Ergonomic Grip and Handling
    • 2-Year Guarantee
    • 30 Days Return Guarantee
    • Available Replacement Head
    • Winner of the iF Design Award 2015
  • Cons:

    • Only 50 minutes of Shaving Time
    • Only One Cleaning Cartridge Included
    • Limited Attachments
  • Overview:

The Philips Norelco S9311/87 9300 Shaver is a fantastic shaver from Philips that has been engineered to provide a consistently close and comfortable shave from its first use to its last.  On, the S9311/87 9300 Shaver has received 4.1 out of 5 stars from 407 customer reviews, with the majority of reviews providing 5 stars for how great and close they felt the shave was, and how easy it is to clean and maintain.   The S9311/87’s smooth and sturdy handle provides for enduring comfort with every shave making the experience pleasant and relaxing.  As a result of the S9311/87’s unique design it was awarded the iF Design Award for 2015, which recognizes excellence in design worldwide for everything from automotive companies to design studios.  The display of the S9311/87 provides a plethora of information for the user on its clear LED panel to include a 5 level battery indicator, a low battery indicator, a cleaning indicator, a replace shaving heads indicator, and a travel lock indicator.

All of these are designed to inform the user without cluttering up the shaver itself.  For personalization, the philips norelco S9311/87 includes three different personal comfort settings: Gentle, Quick, and Fast, which sets the speed depending on the preference of the user and their skin type and texture.  Customer reviews often commented on how close of a shave they were able to achieve and how smooth their skin was using the S9311/87.  This is achieved with Philips Norelco’s V-Track Precision Blades and Contour Detect Technology.  The V-Track Precision Blades are designed to lift hair into the optimal cutting position which not only results in a closer shave, up to 30% closer, but also a more comfortable shave, decreasing the need for the shaver to excessively rub against the skin and cause irritation.  The shaver’s Contour Detect Technology helps to set this product apart from others on the market.

This technology allows each of the three shaving heads to move independently in 8 directions in order to follow every curve and feature of a person’s face.  As a result, each pass can cut up to 20% more hair than other electric shavers.  The S9311/87 is wonderful as both a wet and dry electric shaver with AquaTec Wet and Dry technology and is capable of working equally well in either situation.  Cleaning shaving gel or hair off of the shaver is as simple as placing it under running water as the shaver is fully washable; however, for a thorough cleaning the S9311/87’s SmartClean System is the ideal complement to this high quality electric shaver.  The SmartClean System not only provides a thorough cleaning of the shaver heads but it also lubricates and dries them as well as charges the shaver itself.  With the simple push of a button, the shaver is completely prepared for a clean and comfortable shave.

The Philips Norelco S9311/87 only includes one cleaning cartridge, which will provide for a number of uses depending on the frequency of use, although replacements can be purchased separately.   For styling beards, mustaches and sideburns the S9311/87 includes an attachable Precision Trimmer.  Although, most customer reviews of the S9311/87 gave high marks to the shaver’s durability and reliability, it is protected by a full 2-year warranty, a 30 days return guarantee, and 360° assistance on order support, all from Philips Norelco.  The Philips Norelco S9311/87 9300 Electric Shaver is built from years of engineering ingenuity and time-tested concepts in order to deliver a one of a kind shaving experience for anyone who uses it.

  • Top Features:

    • V-Track Precision Blades
      • Create a more comfortable shave by placing each hair in the optimal cutting position, which results in a shave that is 30% closer than other electric shavers. Blades also self-sharpen resulting in a superior shave every time.
    • Contour Detect Technology
      • Shaving heads independently moves in 8 directions tracking every curve on a person’s face resulting in up to 20% more hair being cut with each pass.
    • Personal Comfort Settings
      • Provides a unique and personalized shave for each user. Three comfort settings: Gentle, Quick, and Fast allow an individual to achieve the perfect shave depending on their skin and hair type.
    • SmartClean System
      • Uses an alcohol-free and skin-friendly formula to clean the shaver head in a self-contained unit. The system cleans, lubricates, dries and charges the shaver keeping it in optimal condition at all times.
Review Philips Norelco S9311/87, Shaver 9300 - Frustration Free Package
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The age old debate is always what is better, foil or rotary. I have both this and the Braun 797. In general the Braun is a better all around razor and gives a better overall shave. It also has a much more powerful motor and more solid build quality, plus an integrated trimmer. The norelco does have a few advantages though. It is more flexible and shaves the neck a bit better. It also is quieter and is slightly less irritating. So I used it when I just need s modestly close shave or a touch up.


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