Smoothies For Weight Loss: Choosing The Right Ingredients

Smoothies are very convenient food items, especially smoothies for weight loss, most times very easy to create and usually very delicious and filling. Breakfast is often just a simple icy concoction away, what with smoothies being so easy to store, transport and ready for consumption at any time of the day or night. Considering their relative popularity, few people take the time to take the health factor into account when consuming their favorite smoothie.

The only thing separating healthy smoothies from the heart attack inducing drinks sold in many a fast food joint is the ingredients; when utilized properly, with the right ingredients and in the right proportions, smoothies can have a surprising impact on weight over a relatively short period of time.

+ The right Ingredients

There is no such thing as the best smoothies for losing weight; the efficacy of a smoothie will depend upon the need at hand, this then impacting the ingredients utilized.

Protein smoothies– They have enjoyed considerable popularity in recent years and for good reason, seeing as the right protein smoothie with avail the body with a considerable amount of proteins even while controlling one’s calorie intake.

Simple as they might be to purchase, protein smoothies are usually cheaper to make at home; a simple matter of mixing a cup of skim milk with lean protein such as tofu (unflavored protein powder is recommended) as well as tiny portions of healthy fats.

Monosaturated fats from sources such as avocado are recommended because of the creamy texture they inject into the smoothie. Vegetables and fruits such as raspberries will provide the high fiber content the smoothie needs to achieve its filling effects.

Vegetable smoothies-The idea of smoothies often conjures images of fruit and dairy products; vegetables, however, have been known to provide smoothies with the nutritional impact they need to expedite the weight loss endeavor, specifically leafy green vegetables.

Using a powerful blender with a strong blade, kale and spinach can make for quite the healthy smoothie. Admittedly taste tends to become a concern where vegetable smoothies for weight loss are concerned. As such bananas are often introduced into the equation; the result is an unattractive looking green or brown smoothie with an extra offering of vitamins.

Notable considerations besides kale and spinach will include pumpkin, carrot and cucumber.


+ What to Avoid

The line between the healthy and unhealthy is thin when it comes to smoothies. The key lies with understanding the ingredients in play, how they can be best utilized and their impact upon your overall meal.

Seemingly healthy smoothies can transform into something entirely destructive with the addition of a few wrong components. If the key is to lose weight, then full-fat dairy products need to be avoided, no matter the tastes that one might be craving.

Fruit smoothies are all the rage; that doesn’t make sugar sweetened fruit juices a healthy alternative, nor concentrates or even flavored yogurt. Items like ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate syrup will change your smoothie from a healthy weight considerate meal to an unhealthy dessert.

In attempting to get creative and achieve better flavors with less than attractive smoothies for weight loss, it is easy to lose the purpose of one’s efforts.

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