The Convenience of Changing Pad Cover

Every parent with a baby can make use of a convenient changing pad cover. A clean surface to change your young one’s diaper is always of concern. A summer infant character change pad cover is portable and easily packed into a diaper bag. Take it along and feel better about the places you take your child. Anxieties about any surface creates problems for parents. This change cover helps ease some of these anxieties.


Many pads are eight ounces in weight and about nine-inched square. This cover accommodates larger pads. Naturally, they can be used no matter what the gender of a child. They are very soft and sold in a variety of colors. Changing pads are round shaped, crib shaped and the have a nice tight fit. They are very easy to clean simply remove and wash.

Places To Use A Changing Pad Cover:

Shopping is an important task for families; it is not always possible to hire a babysitter. Trips to the mall, movies, or events are more convenient when using a protective changing cover for your child. This is an essential need for families with babies. Changing tables are provided in restaurants, food courts and event halls but every parent worries about sanitation. A diaper-changing surface that travels with a family is a comforting item. The worry about unwanted bacteria is a little less of a worry when using a summer infant character change pad cover.


  • Washable
  • Portable
  • Fits anywhere
  • Varied colors
  • Baby safe
  • Does not stain


  • Print feels like plastic
  • Small buckles

The summer infant character change pad cover is easy to store, has straps that keep it in place and makes a surface a quick change. It gets hot in the summer and it is nice to use a pad that keeps surfaces clean. Throw it into the washer and place a fresh cover on the pad surface. Since these pads cost, far less than stores sell them for, it is easy to have a spare. The summer character change pad cover makes a useful gift for a baby shower. It is attractive, matches a baby’s room nicely, and is a thoughtful gift.

Various public changing tables can hold bacteria, making this a hazardous experience for your child. Knowing this, neither you nor your child can have a comfortable changing experience in these places without a pad. Use changing pad covers to eliminate this problem, and keep your child healthy. Keep this product handy for a convenient changing experience.

It is nice to have a cover with so many characters and colors. It fits in with most decorating choices and is soft to the baby’s skin. When a child sweats or is fresh out of the bath uncovered, surfaces can injure their skin and this cute summer infant character changing pad cover prevents this problem. No family has to own only one. Several are handy to have in the child’s nursery. The print or the material will not fit every home but the majority of customers love it. This pad cover beats using towels and other inconvenient products anytime.

Every parent with a baby can make use of a convenient changing pad cover. A clean surface to change your young one’s diaper is always of concern.

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I thought this was the cutest design. The background is a slight yellow color that I thought might be good to hide any blowout stains. It fits the Summer infant pad perfectly, and is easy to take on and off to wash. It's held on by elastic so the cover overlaps the back a bit, but not fully, so you can still get to the safety straps. It's also pretty soft. I love it so far!


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