The Organic Changing Pad: The Future Of Health For the Next Generation

As the speed in which we do things all over the world increases, the interest in keeping those all- important organic, chemical- free products quickly decreases. Almost everything seems to be scientifically manufactured, and modified these days. But that does not mean that you have to allow your little one to be affected by all those nasty things. The Naturepedic Organic Contoured Changing Pad is one product you need to help keep your child safe, healthy and happy. The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow, and their safety and health is this organic changing pad‘s number one priority!

Who will buy an organic changing pad?

First time mothers, first time fathers, highly experienced mothers and highly experienced fathers, alike, will love this all- natural, organic diaper, and clothing changing pad.

All- Natural and Chemical- Free

The Organic Contoured Changing Pad is completely chemical- free. It is made from organic material, inside and out. So each time you lay your child down on his or her changing mat for a nice and clean diaper, you can be absolutely certain your child is not breathing in any harmful chemicals. This organic changing pad was made with every parent and child in mind.

Waterproof and Easy to Wash

The changing pad is totally waterproof so go ahead and relax if you accidentally spill something, or if baby has an accident. This changing pad brings the best of two worlds together. With its easy clean up, and fire retardant covering, changing pad stains will be a thing of the past.

Organic Cotton Contoured Changing Pad Product Features

  • Waterproof, organic cotton.
  • Non- allergenic
  • All- natural and chemical- free
  • Exceeds all state and federal fire protection requirements
  • Polyethylene (food grade) inside pad


The Organic Cotton Contoured Changing Pad is very lightweight, and has no toxic chemicals to keep your baby safe, healthy and happy. It is waterproof, and very easy to clean. Just wipe the changing pad down with an organic, chemical- free wet wipe after each use, and you are sure to protect both you and your precious child from illness and germs.


The all- natural, chemical- free mat is quite expensive, but is well worth the investment for the safety and care of your child.

Review count and average product score on Amazon

As of August 2014, at least 37 people have purchased and reviewed the Organic Cotton Contoured Changing Pad. It has an average user rating of more than four stars! With an Amazon rating that high, you cannot go wrong buying the best, natural changing pad for your beautiful gift from above.

Every parent, whether you are the super- protective, ultra- cautious newbie, or the experienced, laid- back expert, the Organic Changing Pad is the best fit for any parent and baby. You can never go wrong, when it comes to protecting your baby and your family, with this all- natural, waterproof and super comfy changing mat.

Reviews Naturepedic Organic Cotton Contoured Changing Pad
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Worked great for my grandson. Now my granddaughter will use it when born in 2015. A great product. Prompt delivery.


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