The Styles And Trends In Men’s Shoes

No matter how well groomed you are, if you’re wearing the wrong type of shoes, you will still look unfashionable. When this is said, a lot of men like to believe that these kinds of statements are only meant for women that men need not worry about such trivial things; they can look good with almost anything they wear. There are other types of men, who’ll acknowledge that it is important to wear the right kind of shoes with your clothes, but when it comes to buying shoes for their closet they are too shy to try anything outside of their traditional black pairs or sneakers or whatever it is that they are used to wearing.

In fact, there are men who completely shun a type of dress just because they would not know what shoe to wear with them. Luckily, however, these days there are a large number of men, who have been able to come out of this mould and show the path for the rest. If you’re one who have noticed with interest the latest styles in men’s shoes, but do not know where to begin then, here are a quick follow through.

Men’s dress shoes, for instance, have evolved a lot, and now there is a very subtle difference, if any, between casual shoes and dressy shoes. There are some men’s shoes that can act as both dressy and formal as well casual and sporty. In fact, workplace dress codes have undergone a pivotal change these days with the formal merging with the sporty to form a wide selection of active business casuals that the market has woken up to. When it comes to dress shoes, square toes have replaced the wingtips, and the wedge heels have replaced the regular heels in both laced shoes and loafers.

When it comes to casual shoes, there are a lot of varieties, and as already mentioned nowadays there is a very thin line of distinction between the casual and the dressy. Ankle length boots is a popular choice for men and are extremely versatile in the fact that they can be worn with almost any kind of dresses and to any occasions. However, the single most popular style in casual men’s shoes is probably the bowling shoe. These bowling shoes have caught the imagination of many fashion conscious men and women and are now a hot choice among them. These shoes come in dual colors, like black and red, brown and beige, etc., have patterned stitching along their sides, plastic rings along the lace holes, and thick laces.

Sneakers are the ever popular type of shoes among men, and a lot of men make the mistake of wearing athletic looking sneakers with their jeans. While these shoes may be good looking, it is suggested that you wear the ornate sneakers only on the courts or on the tracks. There is a variety of other sneakers available that are more subtle in their appearance and don’t make you look like you are about to go running. Shoes may not be the only criterion that decides the weight of your personality, but they are surely a great boost to the look that you present. Go for the right kind of men’s shoes, stylish and contemporary and notice the difference in your social status quo.

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