Things That Make Dry Scalp Worse

Have you ever wondered why there are white flakes seemingly magically appearing on your shirt? This can be the sign that your scalp suffers from dryness. Taking this for granted can cause your scalp from getting caught with the worst. If ever you come unaware, some of your practices come to cause such occurrence. Here are some of the practices that may cause dry scalp from getting worse.

Not Washing Hair Fairly

Dry scalp can be caused by the infestation of bacteria, fungi or other microorganisms. These organisms target the skin cells for it is the first barrier that it comes to break in. Once these cells are targeted, moisture may not effectively be absorbed in the scalp. Infestation of these microorganisms may just only happen when hair is not washed regularly. This is when organisms may find time to dwell in the scalp unharmed.

Before things get worse, take time to wash hair with shampoo and conditioner to also wash off the organisms that are just waiting for its turn to break in.

Chemicals in Hair Products

Sometimes, hair products that you are using may unknowingly attack your scalp. Products containing harsh chemicals may break the barriers of the skin thus causing it to dry up. This is true with hair dying products and the like.

If have known sensitivity to chemicals and if your skin is known to be sensitive, it is just right to halt from making use of chemically prepared hair products. These products will just cause your scalp to dry and your hair to completely frizz too.


Dry scalp can also happen seasonally. In cold seasons such as the winter, skin drying may occur as the cold temperature stuns natural oils from getting out of the body thus depriving the skin especially the scalp from getting the nourishment it needs.

During the change of seasons to winter, it is right to arm self with the right hair conditioning products in order to still get the scalp hydrated. You can also make use of natural oils such as tea tree and coconut oils and have it massaged into scalp for an instant relief on dryness.


This may sound peculiar as there are still limited studies supporting this instance. However, stress is related to immunity. Once the body comes depressed, the immune system is also dragged to calm down thus giving opportunistic organisms from taking over. This will then cause the breakage of the barriers of the skin thus causing dryness. If it gets worse, it can even advance to hair loss.

This is why there is a great deal of managing stress. Once you feel all burnt out from work and activities, you need to take time to take a halt. If you like you can take mood-boosters such as chocolate for an instant relief.


There are various things that make dry scalp worst. You need to learn about these things in order to get an idea of the things to avoid in preserving a healthy scalp.

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