Truth About Fat Burning Supplements For Women

Fat burning supplements for women are a blend of herbs and stimulants that slightly increase your body temperature which helps you burn more calories when combined with exercise. Fat burners increase your metabolic rate resulting in burning of more calories. Fat burners work in different ways. Some attack the metabolism causing your system to demand more energy and hence fat deposits are used to provide more energy. Others block the absorption of fats and cholesterol forcing your body to use the stored fat deposits to provide you with energy. This means that you will burn more calories from inside your body thus losing weight.

Buyer beware

Fat burning supplements for women have different ingredients and herbs that produce the wanted results. The fat burning supplement ingredients are divided into three categories namely

Stimulants: they increase the metabolic rate
Substances: they affect the metabolism specifically how the cell derives energy from nutrients
Calories: our bodies use this as fuel to run itself. It will be burned off to produce energy.

The most common stimulant available on a day to day basis is caffeine

Most of the fat burner supplements are not drugs so they are not FDA approved, but they can be sold over the counter at the pharmacy. The key to getting the best fat burning supplements for women is to know what they contain.

Fat burner supplement ingredients

Chitosan: is a sugar used to block the absorption of fats and cholesterol. It is derived from the hard outer layers of crabs and others crustaceans

Bitter orange: acts as a stimulant that suppresses the appetite and increases the metabolic rate. Increase in metabolic rate means more calories are burned and fewer calories are consumed due to appetite suppression. Health problems that may be caused by this chemical are irregular heart rate and high blood pressure.

Conjugated linoleic acid: it curbs body fat and helps to stay full

Hoodia: may help to temporarily suppress the appetite by increasing the amount of energy in the brain. Consequently, the brain communicates to the body that it has enough energy and you don’t need to eat anymore. But overall weight loss is yet to be proven

Chromium: insulin helps to build body muscle and burn body fat. it is, therefore, essential n metabolism This mineral regulates the action of insulin. Overall effect on overall weight loss is yet to be proven. T may cause liver or kidney damage if taken in huge quantities

Orlistat: this is the only product approved by the FDA that influences the absorption of fat in the body. It stops the enzymes that absorb fat from digesting it and absorbing it. If you don’t absorb fat you can’t absorb calories. The milder form of the drug is called Alli and it’s also FDA approved.

Some fat burning supplements for women may have several minerals combined together. While each mineral on their own may be effective it is yet to be proven if combining those results in overall weight loss. However, they are advertised you need to put more effort into losing weight than just popping a pill. In combination with exercise and dieting, the fat burning supplements will start you on the way to losing fat and ultimately the weight.

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