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Hmppr presents # The Information Detail of CoverMate 8234 ECO Spa Cover Lift Reg : B00COJGLIK , You are able to obtain Price Comparison and Unbiased Reviews. It’s very helpful in the reduction of time to decide. -The latest updated in 2015

Product Details : CoverMate 8234 ECO Spa Cover Lift

  • Requires just 10 to 15 Inch of clearance behind spa
  • Powder coated aluminum tubing with easy-to-install, non-corrosive composite mounting brackets – same as CoverMate I
  • A great entry level lift
  • Works well with smaller spas
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Product Description : CoverMate 8234 ECO Spa Cover Lift

Want to offer a more economical cover lift without sacrificing quality? Look to the CoverMate I Eco. This lift offers features similar to the industry-leading CoverMate I, but allows for a lower sale price. Quality and value come together in the CoverMate I Eco.
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