What Causes Dry Scalp

Having dry scalp is like the worst nightmare one could ever have. Aside from the fact that flaking may exist, it comes with other bothersome symptoms too that may leave you feeling scratchy most of the time. you might even come unarmed with the reason why this condition has occurred in you. So if you are battling to know the truth behind what causes dry scalp, here are some.

Inadequate Fluid Intake

Inadequate fluid intake is number one on the list of what causes dry scalp. The body has complex processes that make use of the fluids taken in to be distributed in the parts of a body to be used in its own functions too. Since a scalp is a part of the largest organ of the body which is the skin, it comes to get its share from this area. And since the scalp is considered to be a difficult place to reach out to, it sometimes is deprived of hydration especially when fluid intake is not that ample to supply it. You need to understand that hydration plays an important role in keeping scalp moisturized.

Poor Diet

Poor diet also takes a part in what causes dry scalp. The scalp also needs to be supplied with nutrients just like any other important organs in the body in order to maintain its functions. It also has skin cells that are worn out from the day’s work that needs to be acted upon to be replaced with new healthy cells. With this, there is a need for the body to be supplied with nutrients such as the following.

  • Protein

Protein is a great need as it comes to be responsible in the regeneration of worn out cells. With protein, the process of replacing worn out cells is speeded up to regain the health of the scalp fast. This nutrient can be found in foods such as white meat, eggs, cereals, grains and the list goes on.

  • Vitamin E

This vitamin on the other hand contains antioxidants that save the scalp from being overly infested by microorganisms and fungi. This is a skin renewal vitamin. And with all the flaking scalp skin, there is a need for a reinforcement to have it greatly replaced by healthy skin barrier. This vitamin can be taken abundantly from green leafy vegetables.

These are the basic nutrients that if found scarce in the body would result to dry scalp. There is a great deal over supplying body with these nutrients then.

Underlying Conditions

Conditions such as eczema, seborrhea and psoriasis are just some of the reasons on what causes dry scalp. These are skin conditions that may cause dryness on the skin affecting the scalp. It is just right to treat these conditions fairly before you can succeed in maintaining a healthy scalp.


These are the basic things on what causes dry scalp. There is a good deal over counteracting these things in order to clear dryness and irritation. Knowing these things will help you get to the right treatment plan thus saving you from getting the worse effects of dry scalp.

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